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The Jersey City Housing Authority is the state’s second largest public housing authority, serving over 18,000 residents and responsible for the administration of approximately 7,100 housing units, including approximately 2,500 public housing units and over 4,600 Housing Choice Vouchers.

The JCHA has been lauded as a champion of energy efficiency and green building practices, policies promoting Section 3 hiring, and an impeccable track record of revitalizing distressed public housing. In addition, for the last three consecutive years after implementing several reforms to ensure the success of its Section 8 program, the JCHA notched the highest HUD SEMAP performance scores in the agency’s history and in two of those years, the highest score in the state among similarly-sized municipal public housing authorities.


This report consists of management's representations concerning the finances of the Jersey City Housing Authority.


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2019 Agency Plan (DRAFT)

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