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Executive Director

Greetings! I am proud and honored to serve as the Executive Director of the Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA). The JCHA is New Jersey’s second largest public housing authority, serving approximately 7,100 low-income households, housing over 18,000 residents including seniors and the disabled.

The JCHA has championed quality life enhancements and crime reduction initiatives, effectuated energy efficiency and green building practices, implemented policies promoting Section 3 hiring, and maintained an impeccable record of revitalizing distressed public housing. As a stalwart leader in providing and maintaining quality low-income housing and services, the JCHA’s sterling history of revitalizing distressed neighborhoods has included the award of three federal HOPE VI Revitalization Grants, which have transformed blighted barracks-style and high-rise “vertical concentrations of poverty” at Curries Woods, Lafayette Gardens, A. Harry Moore Apartments, and soon Montgomery Gardens into energy-efficient, architecturally distinguished, and sustainable mixed-income communities. Through HOPE VI, and in conjunction with development partners, the JCHA has created over 1,040 new mixed-income and mixed-finance rental units.

The JCHA shall continue its history of excellence by creating a thoughtful and practical development plan that benefits residents, reconnecting our buildings to their communities, and contributing to the Mayor’s affordable housing plan through a collaborative and disciplined approach. The JCHA will continue to be a tremendous partner in restoring neighborhoods in Jersey City and providing access to quality affordable and public housing in all areas throughout the city. This is an extraordinary opportunity for our city and the JCHA.

We look forward to continuing to collaborate and innovate in order to stretch scarce resources to provide affordable housing and improve neighborhoods.


Marvin L. Walton
Executive Director


This report consists of management's representations concerning the finances of the Jersey City Housing Authority.

2018 Agency Plan (Final Draft)


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